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Inspiring Journey from the Tata Motors Mailrooms to Boardrooms of Mailit Management. It is said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single, significant step. Mr.Shirodkar took that all-important step in 1987 in Mumbai when he founded Mailit, a venture of Shirodkar Cargo Services Pvt. Ltd. Like all his self-made contemporaries, he made a modest beginning in the Mailroom services industry in his quest for excellence.

It wasn't smooth sailing for him. But his unwavering passion to make it big saw him embark on a successful entrepreneurial journey starting with a daily wage of just Rs. 30 at Tata Motors in 1980s. His commitment to excellence saw him rise through the ranks, and soon he found himself managing the entire operation of intra office mail deliveries within the Tata Group of companies.

Fuelled by his quest for excellence in offering a comprehensive bouquet of dispatch aggregation and Mailroom service, Mr.Shirodkar announced his arrival in the new millennium by adding an eclectic roster of clientele across India. He succeeded in conquering several challenges along the way with a single-minded focus on the bigger picture.

Mr. Mahesh Shirodkar
Founder & Managing Director

Mr. Amey Mahesh Shirodkar is the scion of the Shirodkar family and a second generation business leader & entrepreneur focused on steering the Shirodkar family business interests in Logistics & Supply Chain Management. Amey has a Management degree in Finance and brings along with him the requisite knowledge and confidence to accept the challenges of scaling the family business into a full-fledged business conglomerate. Amey is an astute young generation professional with a hands-on style of management and driven by the passion of achieving the impossible. He is currently being trained in various dimensions of Logistics, Mailroom Management and customer engagement. Amey brings in fresh air of professionalism to the team with creative ideas and objective thinking.

Mr. Amey Mahesh Shirodkar
Director & Promoter

Alan Kaduluri started as a novice with Barclays Bank at the age of 18, followed with starting his own venture into human resources, consultancy and real estate, while achieving a master's in marketing and branding, always inclined towards self employment and new ventures, vested heavily in real estate development, forex, hydroponics, aquaculture and exports, having a cumulative experience of 15 years and gained hands on experience in multiple industries, being a dynamic gregarious persona, he is constantly on the run to create innovative strategies for tackling the ever changing business environment.

Alan Kaduluri

Johnson Chettiar brings in over 20 years of experience in various Sectors like Fintech, Telecom, Banking, Real Estate & Hospitality. Johnson has worked his way in numerous management roles. He is a quick learner with great analytical skills. His dedication and hardwork towards his responsibilities have given him success to achieve great things. He has led large successful teams across PAN India and believes that discipline, focus and hardwork are the hallmarks of a successful person. Sharing his expertise, knowledge and leadership skills across multiple Projects has benefitted the clients for better service and ensured cost consolidation. He is also responsible to build team and mentor to deliver the projects on agreed time and cost with maintaining proper quality and safety standards. His experience will be a great boost to the success stories of the company under Logistics, Mailroom Management and Customer Engagement.

Johnson Chettiar

Mr. A. R. Parchure a thorough Supply Chain Professional has worked his way in numerous management roles in Tata Motors over a glorious period spanning 40 years. Mr. Parchure is currently a Senior Consultant with Mailit and involved in building Supply Chain Network & Solutions, specifically addressing the SCM requirements of manufacturers in the Automobile Industry. An extremely positive person with hands-on experience from grass root levels in the auto industry, Mr. Parchure has built and executed complex supply chain assignments & solutions keeping in mind the efficiencies and effectiveness of the logistics implementation entailing both Warehousing and Distribution. Mr. Parchure believes in the adage “ It always looks impossible until its done.” That drives his passion to achieve the impossible solely keeping focus on customer delight.

Mr. A. R. Parchure
Sr. Consultant

Mr. N. V. Deshpande is a thoroughbred logistician and was involved in TATA Motors plant warehouse operations. Was also a key member of the procurement cell in the commercial vehicles spares business. Jointly collaborated with TVS Logistics to set-up different warehouse projects in western region for Tata Motors. In addition he has rich experience in Piaggio Vehicles and shouldered a major responsibility of Spares in Piaggio. He has also been involved in building and strengthening the distribution network of Tata Motors on a Pan-India level. Mr. Deshpande is a shrewd strategist and has a keen eye for details. He has strong belief that “ Change is possible if you fight for it ” This is the success formula on which he rides the wave of success.

Mr. N. V. Deshpande
Sr. Consultant